When there are vacations, we enjoy them, but in the same way, we get bored of them as we find nothing worthy to do. In this way, we feel idle as we have nothing to do except eating, sleeping or doing some household chores. Our mind gets tired of the same routine, and thus the soul gets stale. So, there should something motivating in order, to keep our mind, body and the inner spirit engaged and fresh.


Do some poses of yoga. Take a deep breath. Do it twice or thrice on a daily basis. Forget about the whole world during meditation. Meditating daily opens up your inner eye and brightens up your thinking by rejuvenating your soul. In fact, it brings you in close contact with positivity inside out.


Spend some time by going out, lying on the green grass under the sky, feel the fresh air, smell the mud, get in some rays of the sun, take in the coldness of the moon, observe the darkness at night and look onto the twinkling stars. It restores positive energy by keeping you closer to nature.


Exercising make us active and we become able to feel healthy as we become fit by doing it routinely. It gives you a sense of worthiness as you can vigilantly take part in doing so many different things which appeared uneasy when you were unfit.


Disconnect to the social media. Shut down your phone and take some time to sit with your own self or become verbal with the people around you by avoiding all the gadgets you have for a while.


Get rid of the unwanted and unnecessary items found in your drawers, cabinets, wardrobes. Put the waste in the trash. If there is something useful but old and you don’t need it anymore, then, donate it. Giving and donating useful things not only make room for new and good things but also provide you with the sense of positivity.


It is a bit difficult nowadays to eat healthy as we tend to buy readymade foods full of fats, sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients. Paying attention to what you are eating can make a huge difference in your life. Consuming healthy and organic food brings you closer to a better lifestyle. In this way, you also feel energetic and active.


Supplementation is not always suggested, but there are sometimes when your body is in genuine need of supplementation of vitamins/minerals. And, if you do not consume them in an adequate amount from your diet, so, you may become weak or bear any uncomfortable physical condition. Therefore, to avoid such problems, must intake supplements according to the advice of your dietician. Naturally, vitamins and minerals are found abundantly in green leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals, nuts, fruits, etc. shop carefully and add these food items as much as you can to your daily diet.